CTIA wireless 2008, moving images for Samsung Mobile

Art Director : Suzung Kim
Project Manager : Ingon Park, Jihyun Lim, Hyejin Chung
Designer : Ji-hoon Byun, Hye-eun Jang, Seung-hyun Kim, Kyung-hoon Lim.
Sound designer : Seung-hye Yoo

A cooperative effort between industry and academia, SAMSUNG and Seoul National University have been carrying out joint research since October 2007 on how a mobile phone can articulate itself with a motion of patterns.

This artistic video shows how a mobile phone can be described through the motion of patterns. Rather than using an explicit message with specific images and texts, this pattern consists of an abstract objective that makes the phones come alive and look more familiar to us.

Samsung Mobile, CTIA wireless 2008 from SZ Kim on Vimeo.